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Projector Accessories

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Motorized, height adjustable wall mount for U, UM and M ST Series, inlcuding NEC adapter bracket for NP05WK
898,69€ excl VAT
MP10RX2 - MultiPresenter Stick
348,87€ excl VAT
NEC - LCD projector lamp - for NEC VT46, VT460, VT560, VT660
Spare lamp for VT46/VT460/VT560/VT660 projectors. Power 205 W / 164 W (eco mode). ...
291,38€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - 3000 hour(s) (standard mode) / 4000 hour(s) (economic mode) - for NEC NP300, NP400, NP500, NP600
Spare lamp for NEC NP300, NP400, NP500, NP600, NP500W, NP500WS and NP600S projectors. ...
256,61€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC LT280, LT380, VT470, VT670, VT676
Spare lamp for LT280 and LT380 projectors.\n-Lamp power: 180 W DC (150 W DC Eco Mode).\n-Lamp Life: 2000hrs (3000 hrs Eco Mode).\n ...
312,75€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC NP100, NP200, NP200G
Spare lamp for NP100 and NP200 projectors. ...
110,93€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC NP1150, NP1250, NP2150, NP2250, NP3150, NP3151, NP3250
Spare lamp for NP1150, NP2150, NP3150 and NP3151 projectors. ...
268,62€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC NP4000, NP4001
Spare lamp for NP4000/4001 projectors ...
307,41€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC NP61, NP61G, NP61J, NP62, NP62G, NP62J, NP63, NP64, NP64G
Spare lamp for NP61 and NP62 projectors. ...
201,82€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC V302H, V332W, V332X
Spare lamp for V302H, V332X and V332W projectors ...
199,14€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC V302W, V302X
188,45€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC VT45KG
Spare lamp for VT45K and VT45 projectors.. Lifetime 2200 hours, eco mode 2700 hours. ...
312,75€ excl VAT
NEC - Projector lamp - for NEC VT700
Spare lamp for NEC NP901W, NP905, VT700 und VT800 projectors ...
233,88€ excl VAT
NEC Automatic Height-adjustable Trolley PD03MHA - Cart for LCD / plasma panel - screen size: 46" -98"
1 337,55€ excl VAT
NEC CM01EX - Mounting component ( extension column ) for projector - white - for NEC PJ01UCM
The PJ01UCM is engineered for compact strength and is designed with superior grip adjustment knobs to deliver the easiest fine-tuning for precise image alignment, with the capacity to hold up to a 20kg projector. While stout and sturdy in structure, this ...
40,90€ excl VAT
NEC CM02EX - Mounting component ( extension column ) for projector - white - for NEC PJ01UCM
45,44€ excl VAT
NEC ME331W - LCD projector - 3300 ANSI lumens - WXGA (1280 x 800) - 16:10 - HD - LAN
Great performance with low TCO.\n\nGuaranteeing the perfect support for successful lectures and presentations, the compact multi-purpose ME331W projector delivers crisp images and natural colours to your classroom and meeting facility thanks to LCD techno ...
581,45€ excl VAT
NEC NP01LP - Projector lamp - for NEC NP1000, NP2000
335,47€ excl VAT
NEC NP01TK - Mounting kit ( desk mount ) for projector - white - for NEC UM351, UM352, UM361
170,43€ excl VAT
NEC NP02CV - Projector input panel cover - for NEC NP-PA500, NP-PA500U-13, NP-PA500X-13, NP-PA600, NP-PA600X-13, PA500, PA600
Unique NEC Necycle Bio-Plastic cable cover option. ...
64,76€ excl VAT
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