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Apple Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter - Security slot lock adapter - for Mac Pro (Late 2013)
48,70€ excl VAT
Brainboxes US-101 - Serial adapter - USB 2.0 - RS-232
55,68€ excl VAT
Dell - Hard drive bracket - for Precision T3610, T5610
27,25€ excl VAT
Dell All-in-One Stand 575-10137 - Monitor/desktop stand - for OptiPlex 3011, 9010 (all-in-one), 9010 AIO, 9020 (all-in-one), 9020 All-in-One
7,50€ excl VAT
Dell OptiPlex Micro All in One Mount - Desktop to monitor mounting kit - for OptiPlex 3040 (micro), 7040 (micro)
Features & Benefits\nHides the computer and unsightly cables.\n\nThis design helps reduce office and desktop clutter by hiding the OptiPlex Micro system and associated cables behind your flat-panel display. Cabling is simplified by mounting the computer a ...
40,95€ excl VAT
Dell OptiPlex Micro Dual VESA Mount - Desktop to monitor mounting kit - for OptiPlex 3020 Micro, 3040 (micro), 7040 (micro), 9020 Micro
Mount your OptiPlex system on a movable display\n\nThe Dell OptiPlex Micro Dual VESA Mount is designed to hide your OptiPlex Micro PC behind a flexible, wall-mounted display arm (M8 Clamp Mount Arm/SKU A7832860 sold separately). In addition to keeping you ...
18,06€ excl VAT
Dell OptiPlex Micro Vertical Stand - System desk stand - for OptiPlex 3020 Micro, 3040 (micro), 7040 (micro), 9020 Micro
18,06€ excl VAT
Dell VESA Mount - System mounting bracket - for OptiPlex 3020 Micro, 3040 (micro), 7040 (micro), 9020 Micro
Wall mountable, under desk mountable, integrated cable management ...
14,54€ excl VAT
Dell Wyse - DisplayPort adapter - DVI (F) to DisplayPort (M) - for Dell Wyse 5010, 5030, 7010
22,08€ excl VAT
Dell Wyse - Monitor bracket - for Dell Wyse 3010, 5010, 5030, P25, P45
31,55€ excl VAT
Dell Wyse Dual VESA - Thin client to monitor mounting kit - for Dell Wyse 5030
31,55€ excl VAT
Delock Parallel + 2 Serial Ports PCI Card 16C550-UART - 1 x DB25F Parallel port and 2 x DB9M RS232 Serial ports - IEEE 1284 Compliant SPP, ECP, EPP - Supported on Windows & Linux OS
10,00€ excl VAT
Delock PCI Parallel Port Card 89015 - 1 x DB25F External Parallel port + 1 X internal Port with Cable Connector - IEEE 1284 Compliant SPP, ECP, EPP - Supported on Windows & Linux OS
10,00€ excl VAT
Ergotron Neo-Flex - Stand for 2 LCD displays - black - screen size: up to 24"
287,43€ excl VAT
Fujitsu - Power adapter - 80 Watt - for LIFEBOOK E544, E554
36,30€ excl VAT
Fujitsu - Serial adapter - PCIe - serial - 2 ports - for Celsius R940, W530
Efficient working requires seamless interaction between your IT systems and users. Fujitsu delivers through a comprehensive range of intuitive, useful accessories covering human input, storage, connectivity, carrying cases, system related accessories, por ...
29,70€ excl VAT
Fujitsu - SMART card reader - ExpressCard - for CELSIUS Mobile H700
The SCA Express represents the next generation of PC Card technology. It meets all\naspects of a modern security device: Security, usability, reliability, and ergonomics and of\ncourse, it is designed to meet all major standards and specifications. It pro ...
56,10€ excl VAT
Fujitsu VESA Mount - Mounting component ( mount ) - for Stylistic Q704
The VESA Mounting Plate for the STYLISTIC Q704 SmartCard Shell is used to easily and securely attach the rear of the STYLISTIC Q704 to any standard 4-hole 75mm x 75mm VESA-compliant mount, such as a vehicle mount, wall mount, or cart mount. The VESA Mount ...
28,11€ excl VAT
full height 4-port serial card FOR MT
62,29€ excl VAT
HP (Bulk 10) DM VESA Quick Deply Adh Kit
71,62€ excl VAT
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