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K/vSphere6 Ess Plus 3 hosts/1y Prod sub
4 332,88€ excl VAT
K/vSphere6 Ess Plus 3 hosts/3y basic sub
5 436,55€ excl VAT
K/vSphere6 Ess Plus 3 hosts/3y Prod sub
5 819,54€ excl VAT
Support/Subscription VMware vCAN Simac
0,48€ excl VAT
VMWARE AirWatch - Academic VMware Workspace ONE Standard - Shared Cloud - SaaS Basic Support - 1 device - Subscription - 60 Month Prepaid
Simplification de l'accès et de la gestion des applications Gestion des identités Gestion unifiée des terminaux Réduction des coûts liés au déploiement de postes de travail virtuels et d'applications VMware Workspace ONE es ...
97,58€ excl VAT
VMware App Volumes Enterprise - Licence - 100 CCU - VPP - Level 1 (250-599)
14 648,62€ excl VAT
VMware App Volumes Enterprise - Licence - 100 CCU - VPP - Level 2 (600-999)
14 343,44€ excl VAT
VMware AppDefense for vSphere Platinum - Subscription licence (1 year) - 1 CPU (socket) - hosted - prepaid - Frankfurt Data Center
369,36€ excl VAT
VMware Boxer Add On - Shared Cloud - Subscription licence (2 years) + 2 Years VMware SaaS Basic Support - 1 device - hosted - prepaid - SPP
21,74€ excl VAT
VMware Business Critical Support Option - Technical support - phone consulting - 1 year - business hours
26 817,72€ excl VAT
VMware Cloud Foundation Advanced - Licence - 1 CPU - CPP - Tier 3 (1000+)
16 043,00€ excl VAT
VMware Cloud Foundation Advanced CF-ADV-A - Licence - Academic VMware Cloud Foundation Advanced (Per CPU)
VMware Cloud Foundation makes it easy to deploy and run a hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure (compute,storage,networking,and security) and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both priv ...
10 747,63€ excl VAT
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