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Drives Cables / Adapters

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Belkin Internal IDE Dual CD / DVD Drive Ribbon Cable F3G52319INCH - 19 inches
1,01€ excl VAT
Belkin PRO Series IDE 40 pins Dual Disk Cable (F3G523g19)
1,30€ excl VAT
Belkin SATA Hard Disk Blue Cable F2N1169B02-BLU - 1 X Right angle connector 0.60 Meters Lenght
2,02€ excl VAT
Floppy Drive Flat Cable - 15 cm - 1 X Floppy drive Interface
1,00€ excl VAT
Floppy Drive Red Round 30 cm Cable - 1 X Floppy drive Interface
1,26€ excl VAT
Hard Drive SATA Power Cable Y Adapter - 4 Pin to 2 x 15 Pin SATA Power Cable for IDE to Serial ATA (SATA)
1,00€ excl VAT
HP Mini SAS to Mini SAS 28in Cable Assembly (496013-B21) - 36 pin 4i Mini MultiLane - 36 pin 4i Mini MultiLane
20,45€ excl VAT
HP SCSI Cable BN21P-02 (17-03631-01) - 2 Meters Special SCSI Cable for VAX Systems
Description Two metre long adapter cable for connecting VAXstation 3100 Models 38 or 48 which have an 8-bit single-ended SCSI bus, to StorageWorks building block shelf (BA350). This is a transition cable. So called because it provides a transition ...
20,45€ excl VAT
HP SCSI LVD Cable A8052-63004 - 5 Devices Connectors (68 Pins) with terminator (Total 7 Connector on Cable) for Proliant Servers with SCSI interface
15,40€ excl VAT
Lenovo ThinkServer SATA HDD Genuine SATA600 Cable (03X3696) - Lenght 60 mm
12,37€ excl VAT
Lenovo ThinkServer SATA HDD Genuine SATA600 Cable (54Y9352) - Lenght 300 mm -(1st Latch Straight - 2nd Latch Right Angle)
23,48€ excl VAT
Lenovo ThinkServer SATA HDD Genuine SATA600 Cable (54Y9929) - Lenght 120 mm
15,95€ excl VAT
Pan-International High Density External 68 Pin SCSI Male to 50 pin Male 1.8 Meters Cable 2919-E87647-DG
37,62€ excl VAT
PATA (IDE) Rounded 40 Pins Red Cable for 1 IDE drive (Total 2 X 40 Pins Interfaces) - 20 cms long
2,00€ excl VAT
SCSI Adapter 68-50 - 50 pins (F) - 68 pins (F)
5,05€ excl VAT
SCSI Internal 1-Device Flat Cable 50Pin(F) - 50Pin(F)
2 X 50 PIN Conectors (F) ...
3,03€ excl VAT
SCSI Internal 2-Devices Flat Cable 50Pin(F) - 50Pin(F)
3 X 50 PIN Conectors (F) ...
4,04€ excl VAT
SCSI Internal 3-Devices Flat Cable 50Pin(F) - 50Pin(F) - (Total 4 Connections - 3 Devices + Card)
4 X 50 PIN Conectors (F) ...
7,07€ excl VAT
SCSI Internal 4-Devices 80cm Flat Cable 50Pin(F) - 50Pin(F) - 5 X 50 PIN Conectors (F)
9,09€ excl VAT
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