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FELLOWES 125CI SHREDER SILVER-BLACK 4612001 cross cut 4x38mm P4 20pages
522,94€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 125I SHREDDER BLACK 4613001 stripe cut 5,8mm P2 18pages
479,37€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 12C SHREDDER BLACK 7120101 cross cut 4x40mm P4 12pages
116,10€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 130C SHREDDER 4680101 - Black cross cut 4x51mm - P4 - Capacity 130 Pages per feed
322,34€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 225CI SHREDDER BLACK 4622001 cross cut  4x38mm P4 22pages
634,07€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 225MI SHREDDER SILVER-BLACK 4620101 micro shred 2x12mm P5 16pages
810,55€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 325CI SHREDDER SILVER-BLACK 4632001 cross cut 4x38mm P4 22pages
882,46€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 350C SHREDDER BLACK 4964101 cross cut 4x38mm P4 350sheets
738,46€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 425CI SHREDDER SILVER-BLACK 4698001 cross cut 4x30mm P4 30pages
1 819,39€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 450M SHREDDER SILVER-LACK 4074101 micro shred 2x12mm P5 9pages
197,84€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 550C SHREDDER BLACK 4963101 cross cut 4x38mm P4 550pages
905,68€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 60CS SHREDDER BLACK 4606101 cross cut 4x50mm P4 10pages
98,07€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 6C SHREDDER BLACK 4686601 cross cut 4x35mm P4 6pages
43,45€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 70S SHREDDER BLACK 4671101  stripe cut 5,8mm P2 14pages
165,22€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 73CI SHREDDER BLACK 4601101 cross cut 4x38mm P4 12pages
216,53€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 75CS SHREDDER BLACK 4675001 cross cut 4x38mm P4 12pages
213,84€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 79CI SHREDDER SILVER-BLACK 4679001 cross cut 4x38mm P4 16pages
278,01€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 8C SHREDDER BLACK 4689601 cross cut 4x35mm P4 8sht
59,12€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 8CD SHREDDER BLACK 4692101 cross cut 4x35mm P4 8sht
63,40€ hors TVA
FELLOWES 8MC SHREDDER BLACK 4692501 cross cutt 3x10mm P4 8pages
68,41€ hors TVA
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